Monday, October 30, 2006

The weekend roundup !

Saturday - Jax got to sleep in, hooray for Roland ! After Erin's early morning feed we started getting things ready to go to the annual Parent & Child Show. It was quite busy even though we got there just after it opened at 10am, it is a very popular event indeed. The parents room that they had set up in one of the halls was very convenient and useful, as Erin was quite hungry again by the time we got there. Lots and lots of samples to be collected, and lots of bargains to be had as well - we think the best deal was probably the 1kg boxes of Persil Sensitive washing machine powder for $3, and part of that went to a children's charity.

Sunday - Fairly quiet day, Roland was off to a workmate's house for a computer game designing session, and Jax had a friend over to meet Erin and for a bit of company of course.

Today Jax and Erin went out to try and find some Halloween decorations, but found out that they'd probably left it a little too late - there was hardly anything left in several of the stores they visited that had bothered with Halloween merchandise. It's a shame they don't do Halloween here the way they do in Canada, carving a real jack-o-lantern would have been fun.

That's about all there is really, take care folks and bye for now !

Love Jax, Roland & Erin

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The weekend update and even more photos !!

It was a long weekend this weekend, with Labour day on Monday (yesterday) and we spent most of the time at home relaxing and doing housework - Roland worked outside and I was inside (hooray for laundry). Our big outing was to the supermarket on Sunday, which unfortunately takes most of the morning up !! Anyway, there are of course more photos for your viewing pleasure - enjoy :)

This is just something we put together to show how much Erin has already grown !!

Our cheeky little princess !!

Let's play the "how many fingers can I stuff in my mouth?" game !!

At least her fingers are still tiny compared to mummy's - we are thinking of getting this enlarged and framed so we can hang it somewhere in the house.

Anyway folks, that's all for now - take care !

Love Jax, Roland and Erin

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

1000 Words

Chatty Erin

Bubble Baby Erin

Fascinated Erin

Amused Erin

Curious Erin

Sleeping Beauty Erin

We thought we would put in some photos first since we have been taking a few more lately, and to try and make up for the lack of updates - sorry folks !

We have been busy around the house keeping up with day to day things, appointments etc., but try to fit in time to relax as well ! The weather has been improving a little bit and so we are having quite a few sunny days, which mean Roland can get out in the garden and dig out more weeds from around the back of the section. We even have a couple of photos of all the hard work he has been doing:

At the moment he is concentrating on sowing some grass, so that we can have a larger outdoor area for Erin to play in when she is a bit older, as well as put in a new clothes line (the one we have now is a pain).

Speaking of Erin, she has definitely been growing - Jax had to sort out all her clothes and put away a lot of things that were too small ! We have also had to buy a few things, but mostly just undershirts. She has also just started to try and roll herself over from her back to her front, but only seems to like doing in on top of her change table - which is not so good since it's at waist height to us adults. Erin is also a lot more 'chatty' now, she loves to talk to mommy & daddy especially when we're changing her, or when she is meant to be sleeping ! She had her 13 week immunisations today, and mommy managed *not* to cry this time - hurray for mommy ! Erin was also weighed, and is up to 6.17kgs or about 13 lbs 6oz.

Anyway, this afternoon we are off to Nana's house to visit, and in the meantime mommy is going to go take care of some laundry while the sun is still out.

Bye for now folks and take care !

Love Jax, Roland and Erin

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Oops !

Looks like we didn't get around to updating about last weekend, let alone this one - and a whole week has passed in between... sorry about that. But as usual, we have photos of our beautiful munchkin to make up for the lack of updates !

She really seems to enjoy 'tummy time' on her change table, and even follows us around the room with her eyes, clever girl ! Her neck muscles are getting really strong, and we don't have to support her head as often now when we are carrying her around.

In other Erin news, we think we may have an early teether - after eliminating other possibilities, and then accounting for the fountain of dribble, red cheeks, sucking on her fists and general irritability. Yikes ! The only things we can really do for her are small doses of Pamol (strawberry flavored), and rub some Bonjela on her gums when it looks like she is getting sore.

We also tried something new online yesterday, and order our groceries through the Woolworths online shopping website. We figured it couldn't hurt, and it would save us the stress of driving up to the big Pak n Save in Albany which is always busy and crowded. We also had a voucher for two free deliveries from the goody bag we got at the hospital when Erin was born.

Today is going to be a pretty quiet one, we've been for a walk up to the local cafe and back already, and only have a few minor chores to do this afternoon. Work as usual for Roland on Monday, and quality time with Erin for Jax.

That's really it for now folks, take care !

Love Jax, Roland and Erin

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Say Cheese !

It's been a while, and we wholeheartedly apologise. In the meantime, here is the latest photo of Erin. The big weekend update will hopefully be done either tonight or tomorrow ! Promise ;)

Take care folks !

Love Jax, Roland and Erin