Sunday, December 23, 2007

Our Official Christmas Card for 2007

Our deepest apologies if it seems to be a bit blurry, this is mainly for anyone who hasn't / couldn't receive(d) it by email. You can also click on it to see a bigger image ;-)

Lots of Love from Jacquie, Roland & Erin

Even more gifts! (and some news)

Well first things first, the biggest news I think since our last update, is that I (Jacquie) have finally gone back to work! I think we have all benefited in various ways from me staying home with Erin, but the good thing is that I am only working part time for now so we are still able to keep some balance in there. It has been very exciting but also very challenging, I haven't been in a 'regular' job for quite some time now - so the old grey matter has been aching a little with all the extra effort.

Anyhow, we have a couple more photos to show off, mostly to say thanks to Grandpa Maurice & to Carol for the things we were able to get for Erin for Christmas (plus a playhouse update).

As previously mentioned there was some furniture from The Giddy Giraffe, and here is a photo of Erin sitting at her lovely new table and chairs set:

I will try and get a photo of the beautiful new storage unit in her bedroom once she is awake later today.

As for the play house that was a present from Erin's 1st birthday, it has finally been moved to it's permanent resting spot - and all the loose boards from the little front patio have been nailed back place as well. The main things that will need doing now are to give it a good water blast, vacuum the inside, and give it a good sanding - then the real decorating can begin. Here is a photo taken just today of Erin checking things out:

Our plans for Christmas include going up to Grandpa Ted & Jo's place for the day and have a Christmas lunch with them and some of Jo's family. They live right by Snells Beach up north, so we hope the weather is nice and sunny to go for a Christmas Day swim!

That is about all for now, there are lots of presents still to be made and wrapped, so when all that is done there will probably be some more photos.

Until then, take care folks!

Lots of Love from Jacquie, Roland & Erin

Aren't we lucky!

Just a quick photo of Erin with one of the lovely gifts given to her by her Nana, whom we all went and had an early Christmas dinner with last night - seems Erin has the right idea about going shopping already!

Here is another photo of her just generally being a cute little monkey...

More photos and news to come shortly!

Love Jacquie, Roland & Erin