Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Splish Splash...

.... we have a bath !!

Just thought I'd share these cute bath pix taken a couple nights ago, it is an absolute joy to watch the girls just mucking about with each other, especially after over four years of only having a shower stall.

(Yes, that is big sister having a big meltdown in the background, she loves her baths SO much she is not usually that keen to get out!)

Love from Jacquie, Roland, Erin & Keira xoxo

Monday, August 23, 2010

The Big Switcheroo

We'd been talking about it for a little while, but this weekend we finally made the big switcheroo with the girls' rooms.

Erin is now in the bigger 'pink' room, and Keira is now in the smaller 'purple' room. We've yet to switch the doors over (will do that another weekend, as they open in opposite directions), but otherwise the transition has gone off well.Here are a few photos of Erin's new space:

I'll take photos of Keira's space a bit later, I need to do some sorting into storage bins first and rectify a bit of an issue with her curtains.

Hopefully one day the girls will be able to share the bigger room - but no rush!

There are more bathroom renovation photos to come too, but I'll leave those for another post - time to go sit down with a cuppa ;)

Love from Jacquie, Roland, Erin & Keira xoxo