Saturday, February 14, 2009

Holy tomatoes batman!

This is what currently fills our kitchen windowsill / bench... and doesn't even cover the masses that we have already eaten, or given away to friends and neighbours! Our tomato plants have just gone mad - we're going to have to find a decent tomato paste recipe soon just to make a bit of a dent... there are at least 20-30 more still growing / ripening out on the vines too.

And some wee 'mini' capsicums that we discovered growing... I say 'discovered' because we thought the capsicum plant had been dwarfed by our uber tomato plants - but there are another two little tiny buds on the capsicum plant still to come as well.

Our only problem thus far has been stink bugs, but they haven't done *too* much damage fortunately. We also harvested some potatoes, broccoli and celery earlier in the season but no photos of those sorry.

Love from Jacquie, Roland & Erin xoxo

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


We go to creche about three times a week here in lieu of daycare / kindy. Well, mummy goes to yoga / swimming / gym and Erin goes to creche... but anyway!

She absolutely adores it, the staff are great, the facilities are excellent, and this way we both get some time out doing things we like and are relatively undisturbed by each other.
Here are some snaps I took with my new fangled camera, of our big girl (and cheesy poser) on her way to, and at said creche.

If it's not too wet to go outside, Erin tries her best to monopolise the tyre swing... although not often for actual sitting / swinging!

There are often issues convincing Erin to leave creche at the end of the session, but more often than not the situation is quickly remedied by the promise of coming back again.

Love Jacquie, Roland & Erin xoxo

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Happy Birthday Roland!! (6th Feb)

We celebrated Roland's birthday yesterday with cake in the morning (well, mid morning), an impromptu picnic lunch up at the beach, and then dinner out that night at the squash club bar / restaurant.

Happy 34th Birthday Roland !!

Love Jacquie, Erin & the bump xoxo