Sunday, March 19, 2006

Spring forward, Fall back...

So we had to wind our clocks back last night, which in theory should have given us an "extra" hour to sleep in today.

Unfortunately, we weren't so lucky - our neighbours decided to have a party right outside our window, or at least that's what it seemed like !! So around 2:30am (I think!) I got up and called the noise control department of the city council because it's hard enough to get sleep as it is, and despite the fact that it can sometimes be pointless to call them on a busy Saturday night. However, by 3am or so they had already shown up and shut the party down - HOORAY !! We know they definitely made it because they came all the way down our driveway by mistake, and then had to turn around :P

Prior to all that fuss though, we had a nice night out at a birthday party for our friend Alfred, who turned the big 3-0 - he's the dark haired fella on the right in this photo from just after our wedding ceremony:

Image hosting by Photobucket

Interestingly enough, Blogger didn't want to add the photo for me, but luckily I already had that photo stored elsewhere ;)

Today was quiet though, had a nap to try and make up for last night, cleaned out the pantry and rest of the kitchen - then did our usual groceries. Yesterday while I was at work Rollie also went and got us some boxes, and so we made those up today as well for whenever we decide to start on our packing. Here is a photo of Maddy, helping out !!

Image hosting by Photobucket
Cat in a box, hehehe !

Spaghetti for dinner later tonight I think, looking forward to that - we have it every week !! :D Roland makes a *fantastic* bolognaise meat sauce... mmm... *drools*.

Anyway, that's it for now - and I promise to at least try and not let my updates slip so much again !

Just before we go however, here is the latest shot of The Bump to keep you all amused ;)

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J, R & Baby "It"

PS - Only two more weeks until our next scan !!

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Our weekend !

Saturday was nothing exciting, so I'll move right along to today (Sunday).

We went to the zoo ! The weather wasn't the greatest, but I was actually quite happy that it wasn't scorching hot or muggy - there was even a bit of a shower towards the end of our visit, but nothing major.

Anyway, best show you some of our pictures then ;)

Momma giraffe and her baby

Springbok having their lunch (and kindly sharing with some pea-hens)

Rhinoceros on the move !

Now I'm not sure which elephant this is, Kashin or Burma, but I *think* it's Kashin.

Now these guys were the coolest ! Smelly, but *very* cute, and we just happened to catch them all right at feeding time.

This one was my favorite, such a poser for the camera !

Awww, aren't they sweethearts? (Cotton topped tamarinds)

If you look very closely, next to the keepers boot on the right, you'll see a genuine Kiwi bird - and yes, they are endangered (but of course they run an extensive breeding programme at the zoo).

The elusive red panda

Mr Meerkat on his perch

And last but not least - a hungry hippo ! :D

Anyway, loading those photos took forever - so we're both going to hit the sack, work tomorrow and all the usual stuff.


J, R & Baby "It"

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Peekaboo !

I see you !!

We finally figure out how to take still shots from the DVD of our last scan, which was almost three weeks ago.

This is actually my favorite picture, even though you can't see the baby's face, I reckon it's going "Awwwwww MUM, not now, I'm SLEEPING !!" Hehehehee.

J, R & Baby "It"