Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Tick tick tick...

Ok so, what has been happening since last time we wrote?

Saturday - went to see the new house, check things out, and make sure we still liked it - hahaha. All is well though, and we're still really excited about moving. Also put a deposit on our new bedroom furniture set and arranged for it to be delivered on the afternoon we move, and will pay the balance between now and then. The only other major event was getting the groceries done, hooray !

Sunday - a bit more packing was accomplished, but it's hard now because it's mostly down to stuff we still need to use.

Monday - zzzz... no, seriously ! Roland went to work, and Jax caught up on even more sleep, been doing lots of that lately too :-P

Also, thought this was cute, you can make these 'ticker' things for almost any event or day that you want to count up / down to:

Tuesday - I guess today gets a special mention as a sort of public holiday, for us residents of Kiwi-land (and Australia) it's ANZAC Day (Australia / New Zealand Army Corps), where there are dawn parades and commemorations etc for war veterans, especially from World Wars 1 & 2. Virtually the same as Remberance Day for Canada and the US.

Anyway, for half the day the shops are closed, but most re-open in the afternoon and a lot of them have big sales - we decided to go to Briscoes since we had vouchers (big homewares type of place) and needed some new towels and bed linen.

BIG MISTAKE. It was almost impossible to find a parking space, although luckily we got quite a good one, and the store was packed - we waited in line for a LONG time, but it was hot, and Jax got really tired of standing up really quickly. However, the discounts that we got were good, so that balances things out a little.

Also, after a wonderful week off recuperating from 'ligamentitis', Jax is back to the grind tomorrow - not too thrilled but ya know, you do what you have to do.

Goodnight everyone, and take care !

J, R & Baby Girl Bird

For the Fallen
by Laurence Binyon

They shall grow not old,
As we that are left grow old.
Age shall not weary them,
Nor the years condemn.

At the going down of the sun,
And in the morning,
We will remember them.

*~*Lest We Forget*~*

Friday, April 21, 2006

Too funny...

I know not everyone is as big a cat fan as we are, but this is just too funny not to pass on:

Talking Cats !!

Antenatal class #2 was again a bit tedious, but we got to watch a video - I won't go into any detail except to say that five people left (it wasn't compulsory to watch the whole thing), which is about a third of the class.

Both of us are happy that it's the weekend, we're going to go over to the new house tomorrow for another look and to check a few things.

Went on a mini baking spree today, nothing else to do - made half a dozen blueberry muffins, a dozen apple cinnamon muffins, and some chocolate chip cookies - YUM ;) Picked up Roland from work so he wouldn't have to take the almost 2 hour (because of traffic) bus trip home.

Otherwise, that's it ! Take care folks.

J, R & Baby Girl Bird

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Beep beep !

Quick note:

First antenatal class last week, basic stuff - EXCEPT for the really bad map we were given to try and find the room at the hospital where it was being held. Best part was meeting other parents to be, class #2 tomorrow night.

Jax has managed to inflame a muscle / ligament, the one that holds up the uterus in fact, which has led to a few not so nice words being said out loud - suspected it was actually a problem with the 'plumbing' at first but all tests came back negative. The only fix for this kind of issue is rest apparently, and so I have a week off work ! Yes I know, life is SO tough - not ! Today wasn't too bad, managed to at least keep the kitchen clean, but as you can imagine no more packing or lifting for me for a while.

Speaking of things related to moving house, we managed to just about fill the big rubbish bin that was here over Easter weekend, as well as sort, throw out, tidy and pack a LOT of stuff - Roland is on top of all the planning and logistics to do with things like getting us a new phone number, having the gas and electricity connected etc.

That's all for now folks...

Love J & R

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

3 weeks to go !

... until we move to our new house ! We've done a little bit of packing, but there's a whole lot more still to go. Roland was away in Dunedin last weekend, so I worked out on sorting all of our papers / bills and things, as well as all the miscellaneous stuff sitting on & around our computer desks. This Thursday there is a skip (giant rubbish bin) arriving, and it will be around for the whole of Easter weekend - I think it is going to be VERY full by the time we finish with it.

There has been a *little* bit more shopping for baby things, in PINK of course ! Otherwise, this kid has virtually everything she needs so far - we're only missing a mobile for the cot, and a 'bouncer'. Not like a jolly jumper, but one of those seat things on a wire frame that you just rock with your foot. Probably won't have to worry about buying them until after we move either.

We also start antenatal classes this week, on Thursday night - once a week for six weeks, should be very VERY interesting ! Will keep everyone up to date on how that goes.

Otherwise all is quiet on the home and work fronts, business as usual etc ;)

Take care folks...

Love J, R & Baby Girl Bird

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(Cutest bunny sox ever !!)

Monday, April 03, 2006

If you haven't already heard...

Baby Bird is going to be a....

GIRL !!!

She wasn't so shy at our ultrasound today, and we are so thrilled !! :D

And sorry to make this so short, but there's a thunderstorm coming and I am going to shut down the computer after this just in case - we could both probably use an early night tonight anyway.

Just quickly though - two HUGE thank yous need to be said for their wonderful, kind and generous gifts in the last few days:

Sandra (Rols mum)
and my dad (Maurice)

We appreciate *everything* so much, everything helps right now !! *hugs* for everybody ;)

Anyway, good night folks, and take care.

J, R & Baby Girl Bird !!

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Oops, my bad !

Yes yes, have been a bit slack :P Tell me all about it... (Although at the moment I'm choosing to blame having worked 6 days in a row the last week ! J.)

But we have something for you all... really hope the link works !

Since my memory is a bit fuzzy at the best of times, I'll fast-forward us to this weekend. Let's see, Saturday we slept in - bliss !! Poor Roland wasn't feeling too well however, so had a pretty quiet day, while around lunchtime I (Jax) went to do aqua aerobics with a friend. However, when we arrived we found out the schedule on the aquatic centre's website is incorrect, and there is no class on those days - because it is especially for pregnant ladies they need a qualified teacher, and their usual one just retired. D'oh ! So we paid for a casual swim anyway and just aqua-jogged up and down the slow lane and nattered away. Well worth it though, it was a HOT and sticky day so felt like the best thing ever.

Sunday (today), was a little busier. We changed our usual routine and did the groceries in the relatively early morning (10am), which was quite a help as the supermarket didn't seem as crowded - something I've really started to hate ! Came home and took a bit of a break, had lunch, and then did some ... *gasp* packing ! :P We mostly took care of things in the bedroom like clothes we don't wear and things that had already been packed away over summer. Although soon we'll be swapping things over again, the weather has really started to turn - and today was no exception, a perfect example of a soggy and wet NZ winter day. Mind you, not *quite* winter though, as it still managed to be a little muggy - yesterday's leftovers I think.

So THEN we did a bit of baby related shopping, but I'll update you all on that later... I'm going to save a bit of news for the entry that I'm sure I'll be making tomorrow. The reason I say that is, we *finally* have our next scan appointment - and this time we hope baby won't be so shy. I'm not going to hold my breath though, I think we'll be OK if we have to find out the "old fasioned way" whether it's a boy or girl.

That is really it for now folks, hasta mañana !

J, R & Baby "It"