Thursday, June 12, 2008

Quick update - we're off!

Firstly a quick apology for not updating much, if at all, lately. Things got left by the wayside, and then as some of you will know Uncle Ray passed away so that changed our plans a little. We miss you Uncle Ray!

Anyway, we are still off on our big trip to Canada tomorrow, so exciting!

We are pretty much all packed, except for a few last minute bits and pieces.

Speaking of whom, here are a couple of photos taken quite recently - she is getting to be such a big girl, can't wait for all you guys out there to meet her!

I don't know when we'll next have access to internet, as we land in Vancouver (BC) and then drive through to my Dad's in Cold Lake, Alberta - which will take a few days with Erin in tow. See you all on the other side of the world !!

Love Jacquie, Roland & Erin