Monday, November 13, 2006

Happy Four Months Birthday Erin !!

It's almost hard to believe that our little girl is four months old already, but she is !! She has pretty much mastered rolling over from her back to her front, even though it takes quite a bit of effort. Rolling from front to back doesn't seem to be as much trouble however. She has also started talking even *more* (yes, it is possible!), and gives us the occasional giggle - this little munchkin is going to be a heartbreaker, and we are so proud of her !!

Quick weekend recap: Saturday mummy went for a massage and did the grocery shopping while daddy set up his home brew kit (early Xmas present) with a friend. Sunday mummy had a friend over to hang out and play monopoly with, and daddy took advantage of the nice weather and mowed the lawns. We are also trying solids on a regular basis now at "dinner" time, about an hour after Erin's 6pm bottle - seems to be going well so far ! She is growing so fast, and I bet you she will be a little heartbreaker ! So, without further ado, here are more of the latest photos:

The green stuff on Erin's shirt is her dinner of pureed potato, peas and broccoli - yum yum !

Erin's dessert ?

I think I need a taxi pwease... *hic*

Dance Baby Dance !

Anyway folks, that's all for now - take care !

Love Jax, Roland and Erin

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Video test !

Hi folks ! Sorry there hasn't been an update in some time, and this isn't going to be a big one *BUT* we do have something special to share. Previously we couldn't get this to work, but think we've cracked it this time - this is a short clip of Erin on her playmat, originally taken with our cellphone and then converted (hence the silly txt over the picture). Sorry about the grainy-ness, we might get a real digital video camera eventually ! Anyway, enjoy ! :)

Love Jax, Roland and Erin