Sunday, August 30, 2009

One Month!

It still seems so surreal - yesterday (August 29th) marked our full first month with Keira, amazing! She is still an absolute delight, is making an effort now on occasion to lift her head when she's on her tummy, and the baby 'gurgles' have also started to surface.

Big Sister is back at kindy having fully recuperated from her chest infection, and enjoying it to the full - we are going to have to make space this week for all the artwork she has been bringing home too.

Here are a couple more recent photos of the girls...

We have also started making some vague plans for *gasp* Christmas! We are looking forward to a family gathering in Taupo, mostly Roland's relatives, which should definitely be entertaining (and a good break away from the usual humdrum).
Well that's all for now, take care folks!
Love Jacquie, Roland, Erin & Keira

Sunday, August 23, 2009

How time flies...

So this week we'll be coming up to a whole MONTH with Keira, time seems to be going a bit quicker this time around, but she has just slotted into our family so naturally.
Generally things at home are reasonably quiet as we are still having broken nights, although nothing we can't seem to cope with.
Erin is getting over a bit of a chest infection / cold, but will be back at kindergarten this week, and Roland has a full plate with work as always.
Anyway, we got out Erin's old playmat with arches and dangly toys today to see what Keira would think, and so far so good! Here are a few photos for your enjoyment...

All our love,
Jacquie, Roland, Erin & Keira xoxo

Sunday, August 02, 2009