Saturday, August 26, 2006

A family first !

This morning we had our first family expedition to a grocery store !

Why is this exciting you ask ? Well, mainly because until now we haven't been going to our usual supermarket (Pak N Save), and just going to the closest one (Countdown or New World), which was costing us more money.

Anyway, Pak N Save is a 25 minute drive away (one way), and usually always quite busy. However, Erin behaved *so* well - hardly a peep out of her the whole time, and she even fell asleep for a while. I guess it helps that we fed her before we left !

Sorry about the poor quality, but here are a couple of photos that mommy managed to take with her cellphone.

Fast asleep !

Erin "holding" Daddy's hotdog that he bought from the ladies fundraising outside the front of the supermarket.

We think our little adventure this morning might have tired her out a bit too, she had a big feed at lunch, and then when we woke her up for her afternoon bottle - barely 100mls and Erin was asleep again ! Oh well, we will see what happens next and whether we have a settled evening or not.

Not much other news though, yesterday we finally got the car serviced (yes, big $$ but cars are like that I guess), and Erin's gran came over to help mommy sort out some things around the house and tidy up a bit. Tomorrow Erin's Granddad and Jo are coming over for a visit around lunchtime, which will be nice.

Anyway, that's all for now folks - take care !

Love Jax, Roland and Erin

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Another week has come and gone...

How time flies...

Erin is five weeks old now, and we had our last visit from our midwife yesterday, who gave her a full checkup. After this we will be taken care of by a community nurse from Plunket. Anyway, she weighed in at 4.36kgs and measured at 54.5cms long - she was 3.49kgs when she was born, and only 52cms long - so she has definitely been doing a lot of growing !

We have also found out that mommy won't have to go back to work as soon as she thought (even though it was only to be part time), because, well... she unfortunately doesn't have any work to go back to. Getting to spend more time with Erin is definitely a silver lining to the 'redundancy cloud' we think.

On a lighter note, we have a few more photos to share (of course), so enjoy...

Nothing like the feeling of a clean bum to make a baby happy !

It was a nice day out so Erin got to have her lunch out on the back deck with Daddy.

That's all for now folks, take care!

Love Jax, Roland and Erin

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Happy One Month Birthday to Erin !

Today Erin is one month old, can you believe it ? We're very excited and proud, and can't believe how time has flown already ! She is starting to focus a lot more, and become more interested in her toys when we have play time, as well as even giving us the occasional smile.

Erin is also starting to get a lot more control over her neck and head, she made mommy and daddy very proud the other day when she was lying down on her tummy and held her head up for almost 20 seconds, by herself !

Anyway, she is also now a bottle fed baby, the only downside to which is that her nappies (diapers) REALLY stink. Oh well, at least now we know exactly when she needs to be changed, and daddy can now help out with meal times too.

And of course we can't post an update after such a long gap without photos, so here they are...

Playtime on her mat

Erin in her Baby Einstein bouncer

Erin exercising her lungs

Erin with her Gran

Erin with Aunty Stef

Erin with Gran's friend Felicity

That's all for now folks, take care !

Love Jax, Roland and Erin

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Parenting 101: Nothing is sacred...

Well folks, it seems today's baby care lesson was "The True Definition of a Poo-splosion". We've had some 'incidents' before, but NOTHING compares to this afternoon.

We'd had a visit from our midwife, and everything was great - Erin had even gained 340 grams since her last weigh in two weeks ago. She'd had a good feed too, as well as a bit of a 'top up', and then decided she wanted to be awake - so mommy put her in her bouncer, which seemed to work well enough.

After a while however, she started to grizzle a bit and Daddy went to pick her up... which was when he said something like "Hey, how come her jumpsuit is all wet... wait... the bouncer is wet too... oh no !!"

I think the pictures tell the rest of the story pretty well - enjoy !

The carnage !

Super Daddy to the rescue...

However, Erin is not too impressed by all the fuss.

Ultimately, it was easier to just strip her and put her in the tub - we were going to bathe her tonight anyway !

As you can see, Miss Erin quite enjoys bathtime.

All clean and tidy !

That's all for now folks, take care.

Love Jax, Roland & Erin

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The Littlest Leafs Fan !

Nice hat eh? ;-)

Love Jax, Roland & Erin